Dog Boarding/Day Care

creek kennel

If you are needing a place to keep your dog while you are away or need Doggie Day, Quint Valley Gun Dogs has room in their new heated kennel.
Fun ,safe place to keep your active dogs while you are away . We designed our kennels to keep our German Shorthaired Pointers, comfortable happy , with lots of room to exercise and keep them safe from jumping or digging.
Our kennels, have an outdoor run and attached indoor bedroom with a bed. The individual kennels can be shared with up to two dogs. The floors are heated to keep them very comfortable in cold weather and Ceiling fans are in placed to keep them cool during the warmer weather. There are two dog parks that your dog will enjoy to play and exercise in. Each park has a dunk tank for your dog to use after playing and exercise if they so choose to do so.  A rotation system is in place so all dogs are grouped or individually(depending on their tolerance for other dogs ) to go in the parks twice a day for two to three hours each , depending on weather .
The parks are made with chew proof fencing and are eight feet tall, the fencing is buried four feet to prevent digging out.
The parks consist of heavy cottonwood treed area and lush grasses. The dogs are allow to be dogs, run, play, jump, dig or just hang out in a shaded area to enjoy the sounds of the country. Play time with tennis balls and Frisbee is also included. Dogs over 8 months old must be spayed or neutered.  
We have a few extra spots to house your dog, Call or text for reservations or for more information call Dianne . 303 929 2373
Bring your dogs food , and verification of updated vaccines
$55 per night, $100 per night for shared kennel with dogs from same house hold. $45 for daycare
. Hours are 6am to 6 pm .   Dogs picked up after 6pm will be charged an additional day .  

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